Editorial Note

Thank you for reading the first issue of RationIn the summer of 2018, the publisher Joey Ho and I have conceived the idea of creating our own platform for experimentations on language-based art. What you're seeing is the realization of that conception. We also thank the artists who generously contributed their works to the inception of Ration.

For Issue #1, I aimed to showcase artists whose works have not been widely published. Each artist engages with language in their own unique way: Allison Carter-Beaulé, with her pensive superimposition of poetic diction upon physicality; Matthias Kodat, with his acute insight on the emotions we embody and those embody us; Amiko Li, through the delicate slide show of Otherness; Adrian Lo, by displacement of time and space; Carl-David Pärson, through his investigation of the chasm between logic and rhetoric. 

The artists included in Issue #1 hail from Canada, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, and Sweden. Though most of the featured works are in English, how each work delivers different sensibilities through its execution is evident. 

I hope you enjoy viewing, reading, and experiencing the works in this very first issue of Ration

- Megan Sungyoon, Editor    

Denouement, Allison Carter-Beaulé
[trilateral], Allison Carter-Beaulé
Practice, Matthias Kodat
Vore, Matthias Kodat
Lattitude, Adrian Lo
Untitled, Adrian Lo
Window, Carl-David Parson
House, Carl-David Parson