If you are sick please wait up let me catch you!

Amiko Li

In an experiment conducted by Broderick JE, Kaplan-Liss E, Bass E in 2011, a randomized controlled
experiment used a simulated biological threat and elements of social contagion--essential precipitants of
mass psychogenic illness. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups: no-intervention
control group, psychogenic illness induction group, or psychogenic illness induction plus media group.
The two psychogenic induction groups experienced 11 times more symptoms than the control group.


there is a joke of a lame excuse:
I have to go home, my eyelashes hurt.
you know it is funny because how could anyone feel pain there?
or is it like those fruits just hanging there, struggling to become sweeter.

Amiko Li is a Chinese visual artist currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. His work has shown at Abrons Arts Center, New York; LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University, New York; Ulster Museum, Ireland; Thorvald Meyers 51, Norway; Flat Earth Film Festival, Iceland; and Beijing World Art Museum, China. 

Li primarily works with photography and video; The Purpose of Disease is his first attempt at writing in English.