The Purpose of Disease?

Amiko Li

When I met J there was immediately a battle.
Trust me there was the comparison debt of a better accent,
Unnoticeable protection-color and quantifiable social skill,
the perfect answer.

My boyfriend always laughed at my rating system,
“why does everything have a number?”
There is a joke that how nothing is unresolved as long as there is hot pot.
So I guess that is how I process, in the scale of a hot pot.
The desire to be understood is 5, The clarity of a lens is 2.8
The cure of a cold without medication is 7,

The cure of a cold with medication is 7

When I am sick and sealed in a blanket,
I dream about the butterflies outside, and of course, the hot pot and various Chinese food.
I dream about running free and the fresh air but now I am just like Monkey king back in the stone.

Amiko Li is a Chinese visual artist currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. His work has shown at Abrons Arts Center, New York; LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University, New York; Ulster Museum, Ireland; Thorvald Meyers 51, Norway; Flat Earth Film Festival, Iceland; and Beijing World Art Museum, China. 

Li primarily works with photography and video; The Purpose of Disease is his first attempt at writing in English.