The Purpose of Disease

Amiko Li

At the end of world, I unfortunately caught a cold.
while everyone was swimming across the ocean of remains I realized I don’t know how to swim.


so how well do you adapt in this world?
If my fruit is bitter, who will eat me and spread my seeds somewhere far?
“Without the Lestodon to carry the seed far distances, the avocado would rot where they have fallen,
competing with the parent tree for light and growth.”
after 13,000 years, the avocado didn’t know, these ground sloths were long gone.


I grew up here, my roots waiting to be watered,
if you fail to find a job here, will you move somewhere else?
When I am in competition and can’t move to a land with better sunlight and water,
all I can do is to stay right where I am, focus
and attempt to make my fruit more delicious to others.


Fortunately we like avocados.

Amiko Li is a Chinese visual artist currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. His work has shown at Abrons Arts Center, New York; LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University, New York; Ulster Museum, Ireland; Thorvald Meyers 51, Norway; Flat Earth Film Festival, Iceland; and Beijing World Art Museum, China. 

Li primarily works with photography and video; The Purpose of Disease is his first attempt at writing in English.